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Our Yachts are state of the art, fast, elegant, of the latest technology and sure to satisfy the most discerning of tastes. All this, coupled with excellent service and a delicious lunch, will ensure your day is one never to forget!

A simply stunning way to experience the colours of a beautiful Cypriot sunset is on a boat cruise. This is an ideal way to unwind after a busy day or to chill out before the big night out ahead. Watching the sunset over the Mediterranean sea is also a romantic experience so sunset cruises from Ayia Napa are popular with couples as well as groups of friends. 

Prices Start at €600 for 2 hours, not food arrangements are included but you can bring your own. Max Capacity 30 people

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Harbour Location
Swimming Stops
the Root of the ship with south wind  (97% of the case)
the Root of the ship with North wind  (3% of the case)

The ship can hold up to 20 People. Its available upon request and you are VIP no other customers will come to the cruise with you.

• Everyone must be at the Ship 30 minutes before we Depart.

• If you are sensitive to motion sickness, either take a travel sickness tablet one hour before we depart or try to remain on the Lower Decks, Middle part of the Ship.

• The Closer you can get to the Ship’s center of gravity, the less you will sway.

• The Dress code is Board-shorts and Bikinis or Fancy Dress

• Don’t forget your Towel, Sun Cream.

• Life Jackets are readily available for you to use if you can not swim.

• Don’t swim too far away from the Ship on Swim-stops.

• Never jump off the Ship until Instructed.